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GEMINI - physical Vinyl $40  

Originally from Music City (Nashville, TN),

Twin brothers, Carson (Young Gramps) & Cameron Smart (stems) collab on sounds and concepts- mixing their separate taste into one collective.'Identically Fraternal' This is GEMINI 

®️ 2021 UNIT ENT CO

Roots turn to stems ®️ 2020 UNIT ENT CO

Plant good seeds so you can reap great stems. 

' DUB Mattress '  

Dub music is characterised by a ‘version’ or ‘double’ of an existing song, often instrumental, using B-sides of 45 RPM records and typically emphasizing the drums and bass for a sound popular in local sound systems. The instrumental tracks are typically drenched in sound effects such as echo, reverberation, with instruments and vocals dropping in and out of the mix. The music sometimes features other noises, such as birds singing, thunder and lightning, water flowing, and producers shouting instructions at the musicians. It is often further augmented. The many-layered sounds with varying echoes and volumes are often said to create soundscapes, or sound sculptures. There is usually a distinctly organic feel to Dub music, even though the effects are often electronically created. Enjoy Stems' Dub Music, "DUB MATTRESS"

Rasta. Punk. Rap.
Feat. members of TheKeyMasters
& Fortunate Youth.

®️ 2021 UNIT ENT CO

®️ 2019 UNIT ENT CO
-Project Snow
-Palm Drive
-VHS outdoors
-El Chapo
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